Brihdet Greenwood | Songwriter

A life-story.



An insatiable search for truth, heritage,
peace within & BEING comfortable with ~ me.

I’m a 26-year-old woman trying to encourage other females – be they older, my same age or younger – to be proud of, and comfortable with being her own version of WOMAN – in all her Gorgeous Goddess Glory. That very statement is what sparked my album, my life path, my strength and my happiness. I see so many women working incredibly hard to be a cookie cutter societal – “ideal of perfection”- that they don’t even notice the beauty, power, and magic they already individually possess. Making the journey from girl to woman is one stressful rollercoaster ride. We’re so impressionable, so intimidated and uncomfortable with ourselves during that time from age 13 – 21 and sometimes even beyond. We look to magazines, celebrities, entertainment, advertisements, the opposite sex, and more to gather what the world will deem attractive or not. Like monkey see – monkey do. We begin to obsess over our weight, our diet, our physical attractiveness, our popularity and more. We start to hate ourselves for not measuring up to an airbrushed, photoshopped model’s standard. We begin to fall victim to a vicious cycle of self-persecution out of ignorance. Society doesn’t teach us during these years of growth the importance of ensuring we’re getting adequate nutrition, sleep, self-love, self-acceptance, empowerment, and strength in becoming what is one of the greatest transitions in life – a WOMAN!! I struggled for years trying to find the truth amongst all the conflicting info out there about diet, nutrition, skincare, female hormones, female health, beauty, fashion, …the list goes on and on. To be honest; it felt more like I was being sabotaged! Everyone has their loosely based opinions; everyone wants to tell you how to live your life, and yet nobody really has the answers.

We are NOT all the same, and there is NOTHING WRONG with that!! Being a clone is BORING…being NATURALLY YOU is EXTRAORDINARY!! In the past, I made the mistake of thinking that published articles about women’s health and beauty were talking straight to me. I was under the impression that every woman was the same and that these “experts” knew exactly what I needed to do for optimum health, beauty and more because they acted so confident and informed. They’d show a cute, healthy, happy, skinny, and flawless looking female to add validity to their claims further. I’d follow their instructions to the T. I even went as far as getting a personal trainer, a certified dietitian, and dermatologist to help me get on the fast track to “healthy.” However, after years of listening to these “experts”- I only found myself – undernourished, overweight, hormonally out of balance, thyroid depleted, skin a wreck and feeling super unhappy. It wasn’t until I decided to find my own answers and listen to that legendary intuitive voice did I discover what made me thrive. I also began to notice a pattern that even though not every woman is the same, we ironically all suffer from similar insecurities, fears, confusions, strict dieting, hormonal ups and downs, body shaming, and more. I started to realize that all this pain stemmed from unhealthy environmental projections being in the form of advertisements, news, expert opinions and many other psychological assaults. We have to stop listening to the outside world and go within to find truth. No supposed miracle pill, lotion, or whatever other product they claim is going to save us will fill that void of not knowing ourselves. I say it’s time we quit being stifled with this one size fits all mentality and start fully blossoming into our individual potential. It took me years of researching human anatomy, genetics, DNA, biology, zoology, chemistry, anthropology, ancient symbolism, archaic literature and so much more to understand that being WOMAN is an honor and a privilege. I hope to achieve with my blog an opportunity to empower women, to give them all the necessary tools they need to thrive, and hopefully inspire more women to love themselves deeply…to love EVERY aspect of themselves! The truth is in ancient times women were worshiped and seen as sacred vessels of life giving essence. Somewhere in history we were forcibly cast down from our throne and told otherwise. It’s time to restore the balance. Women need to know how wonderful they are, how sacred their very heartbeat is and that without us this world would be non-existent. We are far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe. I AM WOMAN – HEAR MY ROAR!!

Brihdet Greenwood
The discovery of me



The flame grows
brighter every day.

I was singing sounds before I ever said my first word. Music has always played an important part of my existence. My fondest memories seem to all revolve around music. Whether I was listening to my mother sing opera in the kitchen, playing drums with my dad, singing to the top of my lungs into the plugin part of a giant set of 90’s headphones (because at 5 years of age I thought let’s go straight to the source of sound :P) as I performed Tears for Fears ~ Everybody Wants to Rule the World ~ with my brother (Andru) in the living room, or riding my bike making up songs about random things – music has always been an important part of my life. It’s soothed me when I was restless; comforted me when I was scared, and freed me when words were too difficult to say. I’ve been expressing myself through music most of my life – that’s how I communicate my best. My parents always encouraged Andru and me musically – I’m very thankful for that. I’m also grateful that our parents insisted we not only study music but gave us the opportunity to receive such a diverse academic education and world travel throughout our lifetime. Being able to visit other cultures and having instructors from around the world has left a remarkable impression on the way I write, perform music, and live my life. Truth and history have always been my passion. I always pictured myself in Ta Prohm, pushing back cobwebs as I explored the ancient temple at Angkor.

I was always a tomboy growing up, repelling out of trees, jumping into rapids, having BB gun wars with the neighborhood boys – and I have the scars to support every fond memory (as do they). Laura Croft was my favorite role model and being in mother nature was my most favorite place to be – so naturally, I choose Anthropology as my major.

I love Anthropology, and I get to have fun everyday as I work in the specialized field of ancient genetics. I still write songs and sing for a hobby, but searching for truth is my never ending passion! I hope you enjoy my music and my eclectic collection of ancient info. :)